Mufti Abdullah Nana

Mufti Abdullah Nana serves the global community as a teacher, Imam, Mufti, specialist in Halal Foods, Islamic Finance and much more. After graduating with honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in Business and Economics, he pursued higher Islamic Studies in South Africa, attaining a Masters equivalent degree in Islamic Theology. Mufti Abdullah Nana, a widely-accepted research scholar, has written and translated several publications in the fields of Halal and Islamic Finance.

Serving the local community as the Director of Affairs at the Islamic Center of Mill Valley, Mufti Abdullah Nana provides Islamic advice and support for a wide range. From marriage ceremonies to school lectures, he’s available to educate and inform about Islam.

Sheikh Yunus Saeed

Sheikh Yunus Saeed, teacher and Imam, grew up in the city of Rander in Gujrat, India where he memorized the Qur’an. As the primary Masjid Imam, he leads the five daily prayers throughout the entire week. He studied Islam and is a recognized Aalim and hafiz in the Mill Valley community.

For over 25+ years, Sheikh Yunus Saeed has been holding Qur’an for Kids classes with the assistance of his wife, Aapa Nilofer. Qur’an for Kids classes take place Monday through Thursday after school (around 3:30 pm) at the Masjid. Sheikh Yunus Saeed offers flexible hours and is willing to accommodate various schedules.