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2015 Marriage Seminar:

1/25/2015 Part1 Part2 Part3

2/8/2015 Part1 Part2 Part3

2/15/2015 Part1 Part2 Part3

3/1/2015 Part1 Part2 Part3

3/8/2015 Part1 Part2 Part3 

3/15/2015 Part1 Part2 Part3


Hajj Seminar 2014:

Audio Part1

Audio Part2



7/01/14 Part1 Part2

7/02/14 Part1 Part2

7/03/14 Part1 Part2

7/04/14 Part1 Part2

7/05/14 Part1 Part2

7/06/14 Part1 Part2

7/07/14 Part1 Part2

7/08/14 Part1 Part2

7/09/14 Part1 Part2

7/10/14 Part1 Part2

7/11/14 Part1 Part2

7/12/14 Part1 Part2

7/13/14 Part1 Part2

7/14/14 Part1 Part2 Part3

7/16/14 Part1 Part2

7/17/14 Part1 Part2

7/18/14 Part1 Part2

7/19/14 Part1 Part2

7/20/14 Part1

7/21/14 Part1 Part2

7/22/14 Part1 Part2

7/23/14 Part1

7/24/14 Part1 Part2

7/25/14 Part1 Part2

7/26/14 Part1 Part2



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